Know Your Startup Business And Get Started

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Understanding startup is a company that has just been built or in a pioneering period, but does not apply to all fields of business, the term startup is more categorized for companies in the field of technology and information that developed in the internet world.

The types of business can be varied, for example application developers, payment systems, services, commerce and so on.

How about his luck?

Actually, this startup business term has been around since the late 90’s, and one example of a well-known and successful local startup is one of which we all know, Kaskus. With the continued development of the internet world until now, more and more other business people are also interested and start establishing startups.

That way, it certainly does not rule out the possibility that in the future other successful startups will also emerge because they are driven by the growing popularity of cyberspace in our society today.

Examples of Local Startups That Are Now Popular

Besides Kaskus, another example of a local startup that has now been successful and is quite popular among them is


Bukalapak is currently one of the largest buying and selling sites in Indonesia, founded by Achmad Zaky who is from Sragen, East Java.

One of the services that makes this startup preferred is the existence of a secure payment system for transactions, where payments from buyers will not be directly received by the seller, but instead are temporarily accommodated in Bukalapak, after the goods are received properly, then the seller can make a disbursement.


There is no doubt, of course, all readers already know about this startup. Go-Jek is one of Indonesia’s fastest growing and most popular startups. Its main fields are in the business of transportation and courier services.

As the name suggests, is a startup that offers easy online ticket reservation purchase services. Founded in 2011 is now planning to expand its business to outside Indonesia. Among Hong Kong, Australia, China and Malaysia the region will be targeted to expand its marketing scope.

That’s a little review of the understanding of startups and examples of Indonesia’s business, hopefully useful.

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